The Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is a “collaboration laboratory” where teams can create a new live performance piece, live sound track to picture, or DJ set involving Kyma and acoustic or electronic performers.


The Musikhochschule Lübeck (MHL) offers unique opportunities to collaborate with conservatory-trained, world-class performers and improvisers including (but not limited to) organists, percussionists, string players, and vocal ensembles!

Building on the success of Rudi Giot’s InterFaceOff at KISS2013, the afternoons at KISS2014 will be dedicated to small teams of collaborators solving problems together and learning from each other in an open environment where anyone can drop in to observe or lend their expertise to the team.

Whether you are a composer, a sound designer, a DJ, a sound engineer, a performer, a programmer, a film maker, a playwright or (especially) some combination of all of the above, you are invited to participate in the KISS2014 Collaboratory!

If you’re not sure what’s possible, just ask! Our hope is to generate lots of discussions between the composers and players during the months leading up to KISS2014.  For more details on the vocalists and instrumentalists who will be participating in the Collaboratory, click the links below.

How does it work?  Three easy steps:

  1. Review the profiles (above) and choose your desired collaborator(s)
  2. Submit a proposal for a live performance
  3. If your proposal is accepted, you’ll be assigned to a Collaboratory team! At this point, you and your collaborators can decide whether to:
  • Do some long-distance collaboration to finish the piece before KISS in which case it can be submitted for consideration for inclusion on one of the evening concerts or one of the DJ sets
  • OR Propose to work together during KISS and present your work as an informal “open rehearsal” on an afternoon session during KISS

Either way, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work with musicians, instruments and venues that you may otherwise never have had a chance to experience!  And the collaborations and professional connections you form during the Collaboratory can continue long after the conclusion of KISS2014.