Call for Proposals

Sound designers, musicians, engineers, researchers, and educators are invited to submit proposals for talks, workshops or live performances on the theme Organic Sound for the Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS2014), scheduled for 25-28 September 2014 at the Musikhochschule Lübeck (MHL) in Lübeck Germany.

In addition to the traditional KISS tutorials, workshops, morning lectures, and afternoons in the Kyma OpenLab, the conference organizers have planned several exciting site-specific events and activities for KISS2014 including:

  • Evening concerts in the historic St. Jakobi church & the MHL Concert Hall
  • A club night of live Kyma DJ sets (with an acoustic twist!) at Parkhaus Lübeck
  • And the live creative team event for KISS2014: The Collaboratory

What is “Organic Sound”?

The phrase “Organic Sound” can mean different things to different people.  To a sound designer it might be that elusive, totally believable creature voice  or the Holy Grail of completely natural-sounding procedural audio.  To a DJ, it might be a timbre that has the raw complexity and liveliness of analog.  To a composer it might suggest the seamless integration of acoustic and computer-generated sound.   To an acoustic ecologist, it might be the sounds of nature re-introduced into the urban soundscape. And if you do sound for picture, “organic sound” may be about the blurring of distinctions between sound design and music in sound tracks for film and games.

Organic comes from the same root as organ, bringing to mind the historically significant pipe organs of Lübeck, the city where Buxtehude was Kapellmeister, where J.S. Bach came to take lessons, and where Händel was invited to succeed Buxtehude as Kapellmeister but left when he discovered that one of the job requirements was that he marry Buxtehude’s eldest daughter.  Lübeck is also the birthplace of novelist Thomas Mann, whose Doktor Faustus was inspired by Schönberg’s twelve tone theory, itself an organic outgrowth of late 19th century chromaticism.

According to Wikipedia:

Organic may refer to:

  • Of or relating to an organism, a living entity
  • Of or relating to an organ

The English word “organ” derives from the Latin organum, meaning instrument, itself from the Greek word organon, implement, musical instrument, or organ of the body. The Greek word is related to ergon, work… The English word “organism” is … formed from the verb to organize. At first the word referred to an organization or social system.

Looking for inspiration?

Looking for inspiration on how to link your own work to the theme of “Organic Sound” and the city of Lübeck?  Click on any of the categories below to begin brainstorming on possible topics for your proposal:


How do I propose an idea?

If you’d like to be a presenter at KISS2014, it’s simple!  All you have to do is fill out an online form with your proposal for a:

Questions?  Send email to the KISS2014 Organizing Committee.


1 April 2014 is the last day to submit a proposal for talk, workshop, or live performance.

The committee will begin reviewing the proposals starting on 1 April and you will receive notification of acceptance by the end April in order to leave you enough time to complete your proposed work and arrange for travel.